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In every corner of the country and the world, to build a specific medical system in collaboration with Ayurveda lover and supporting people and BK Arogyam doctors so that Ayurveda can reach the lives of every people. Our special centers, centers, doctors, medicines should be available to every city or town of the world. Can make people's lives healthy and simple directly or indirectly or through digital means."

Dr. BK Chaurasia

On the mission of making the world healthy,
happy and peaceful, since 1979

From a herb cabinet, to 5+ clinics

An amazing journey with a humble origin

Driven by his strong sense of conviction to heal the world with Ayurveda, one person at a time, Dr. BK Chaurasia began his journey of healing people in a simple and humble clinic in his garage in the year 1979. A threadbare cabinet held his herbs and a couple of chairs along the wall served as the waiting room. Gradually, his healing hands gained popularity and he brought in a couple of assistant Vaidyas to serve the steady flow of patients.

Today, 500+ doctors trained by Dr BK Chaurasia consult 400+ patients worldwide every day in BK Arogyam 5+ clinics and telemedicine centres
Learn Ayurveda

His Ayurveda

Authentic Ayurveda of the ancients

In an era where the essence of traditional Indian sciences like Ayurveda and Yoga has been overshadowed by their westernized, commercialized counterparts, BK Arogyam stands as a beacon of authenticity and purity. Embracing the vision of Dr. BK Chaurasia, we are committed to offering the world the true power and effectiveness of genuine Ayurveda.

At BK Arogyam, we invite you to embark on a journey of holistic health and wellness. Experience the purity, efficacy, and transformative power of authentic Ayurveda as you align yourself with the natural rhythms of life. Connect with us today to begin your path to a healthier, more vibrant you.

Ayurveda for the common man

Simplifying Ayurveda with technology

In a world where healthcare often seems complicated and inaccessible, BK Arogyam is dedicated to bringing the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda to everyone. We believe that the principles of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of medicine, should not be a luxury but a fundamental right for every individual seeking health and well-being.

BK Arogyam invites you to explore the world of Ayurveda and discover how it can transform your health and well-being. Our doors are open to everyone, from all walks of life, to experience the nurturing and healing power of Ayurveda. Connect with us to begin your journey towards a healthier, more balanced life, the Ayurvedic way.

Ayurveda for the common man
Treatment With Ayurveda
Connecting Hearts & Minds

Connecting Hearts & Minds

the voice that changed hearts

In post-colonial India, people had accepted the risky compromise of instant gratification with synthetic pills. People had forgotten the ancient's way of healing with nature. Ayurveda had shrunken to become 'grandma's health tips'

Dr BK Chaurasia wanted to change that. He wanted people to start believing in Ayurveda once again. So, after clinic hours, he devoted his time connecting with people at the grass-root level, understanding their problems and helping them make better healthcare decisions. The role soon expanded to a pan-Indian scale with his TV shows where for the first time, people could directly call and speak to him about their health problems.

Global Journey of Dr. BK Chaurasia

The Global Journey

As Dr. BK Chaurasia’s message of Ayurveda began healing lives in cities, towns and the remotest of human settlements in India, pioneers of alternate medicine in Europe & Japan reached out for discussions. By this time, his TeleDoc project was also recognized and awarded by the United Nations. Since then, Dr. BK Chaurasia has visited 5 countries to meet with policy makers, students, politicians, researchers and scientists to raise awareness about Ayurveda, and more importantly to establish Ayurveda as a globally recognized health science.

Global Journey

Teaching, while Healing

Sharing an ancient secret with the modern world

The most effective way to ensure health is to teach people how to stay healthy. Dr. BK Chaurasia is a visiting faculty at many international universities, and he has penned down his expertise in two popular books on healthy living and Ayurvedic beauty secrets.

Teaching While Healing

The Journey in Pictures

Dr. BK Chaurasia Journey

Sunil Shetty awarding the most respected doctor award to Dr BK Chaurasia

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