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Why Choose BK Arogyam

India’s only Ayurvedic-based research and healthcare center has successfully treated over 500,000 patients, manufactures 150+ patient-specific medicines, cultivates herbs without harmful fertilizers, and conducts continuous research on diseases. Additionally, we offer online consultations, Naturopathy applications, full-body tests, and a range of therapeutic practices, including Panchkarma and Yoga. Our facilities include staying options, individual doctor consultations, and a team of over 100 expert Ayurvedic doctors, serving patients across more than 10 clinics and hospitals nationwide. With 45 years of experience, we have a significant impact, particularly in treating more than 50 kidney patients daily.

  • Personalised Root-Cause Based Treatment Team of more than 100 expert Ayurvedic doctors
  • Personalised Root-Cause Based Treatment OPD of more than 500000 patients
  • Personalised Root-Cause Based Treatment More than 10 Ayurvedic clinics and hospitals across India
  • Personalised Root-Cause Based Treatment Experience of seeing more than 50 kidney patients per day
  • Personalised Root-Cause Based Treatment Facility of individual doctor as per your problem
  • Personalised Root-Cause Based Treatment Increasing number of patients benefited

Personalised Ayurvedic Treatment

The exclusive hospital for kidney patients employs a unique treatment approach encompassing Panchakarma, Naturopathy, Yoga, and Mantra therapy. In addition to these modalities, patients' kidneys are treated with research-based medicines, gradually reviving damaged kidneys. As the kidneys undergo gradual healing, the need for dialysis diminishes, eliminating the necessity for transplantation. We provide personalized treatment tailored to each patient's individual needs, cultivating herbs in our own fields and formulating research-based medicines from them.

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BK Arogyam
Consultation Advantages

BK Arogyam, a beacon in healthcare, blends Ayurvedic wisdom with modern advances. With 8,000+ daily patients, our practitioners offer personalized treatments. In today's fast-paced life, we focus on promoting health and conduct continuous research. Boasting 100+ Ayurvedic doctors and 45+ years of experience, we treat 500,000+ patients, extending to Arogyadham for admissions.

  • 400+ certified Ayurvedic doctors 100+ Ayurvedic doctors
  • 30+ Years of Experience 45+
    Years of
  • 15 million patients consulted 500000+
    treated patients
  • 20 million hours of consultation Arogyadham
    for Admit

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At Arogyadham, we believe health is intrinsic, not the opposite of sickness. Join us on a holistic journey to well-being.

At Arogyadham, we embrace the philosophy that health is the harmony of body, mind, and environment. Ayurveda guides this journey, treating sickness as a detour, not just a pill. It diagnoses, demands active participation, and studies the symbiotic relationship between us and our surroundings. Here, we delve into the science of life force, fostering balance, health, and unity with oneself.

Stories of Health & Healing

Thousands have experienced relief after treatment at BK Arogyam

  • Rishi Ranjan Arya, Delhi
    Sunil Kumar, Bihar

    His wife Sumanti Devi came to know about kidney problem in 2020. His wife visited many hospitals in India, yet her creatinine increased from 2 to 5.5. Then he thought of trying Ayurveda, When he came to BK Arogya, his condition was very bad, then He was admitted for 10 days, after that today he is out of danger of dialysis, there has been a lot of relief in his health problems and also his creatinine has started decreasing. thank you

  • Ranjana Soni, Bilaspur
    Swaminath, Mumbai

    I am swaminath sahni resident of mumbai, my bp increased suddenly one day, then i went to doctor and there i came to know that my kidney is damaged, BK Arogyam, today after one week of treatment, I feel much better, physical symptoms also relieved, now 1 week of treatment I have creatinine 2.5. The point has decreased and the creatinine has stopped rising. I just want to say that BK Arogyam saved my life.

  • Budh Ram, Meerut
    Jiya Uddin Ansari, Jharkhand

    Hello, my name is Jiya Uddin Ansari, I am a resident of Latehar district, Jharkhand, I am suffering from ckd and my creatinine was 18, then my son told me about BK Arogyam, after coming here for 10 days, I got admitted, now my creatinine has reduced and dialysis is also stopped I am feeling much better now and going home I want to thank BK Arogyam who saved my life.


BK Arogyam YouTube Channel

We Provide Best youtube Video For Your Helth

Its 15 Years when we started educational Channel with the mission of “Ghar Ghar Ayurveda” for a healthy and happy India. More than 1.5M households have embraced Ayurveda & we have resolve to reach the next million in the next 15 months.

Join us to spread the message and drive the mission for Ghar Ghar Ayurveda.

Our Founders

Managing Director
Dr.Bk Chaurasia

Ayurvedic doctor|Urologist|Nephrologist

22 Yrs. of Experience

Businessman|Motivator|Expertise in treating kidney diseases

Dr. Brijesh Chaurasia, also known as Dr. B.K. Chaurasia, is an Ayurvedic doctor, urologist, and nephrologist. He is the founder of B.K. Arogyam & Research Pvt. Ltd., a chain of Ayurvedic hospitals and clinics in India, and Arogyabharat, a nonprofit organization that promotes Ayurveda and healthy living.

Dr BK Chaurasia
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