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Best Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment Hospital in india- Bk Arogyam

Suffering From Kidney Disease?

Don't Worry We can help you get rid of Kidney Disease in Ayurvedic Way.

AKRT (Alternative Kidney Regeneration Treatment)

What Is Kidney Disease

Kidney disease describes when your kidneys, two bean-shaped organs near your spine, struggle to filter waste and excess fluid from your blood. This can lead to a buildup of toxins and imbalances in your body chemistry.

Early signs are often subtle, like fatigue, blood in urine, or changes in urination frequency. As it progresses, complications like high blood pressure, weak bones, and nerve damage can arise.

There are different types of kidney disease, with causes ranging from diabetes and high blood pressure to infections and genetics. Early detection and treatment are crucial to slow disease progression and manage complications.

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AKRT(Alternative Kidney Regeneration Treatment)

After 23 years of intensive research, BK Arogya & Research Pvt. Ltd. has come up with a wonderful solution for kidney patients in India and around the world – Alternative Kidney Regeneration Treatment (AKRT)!


Dr. Bk Chaurasia

India's Leading & Multiple Award Winning Health Coach who has worked with over 30,000+ Kidney patient

Dr. Brijesh Chaurasia, also known as Dr. B.K. Chaurasia, is an Ayurvedic doctor, urologist, and nephrologist.

Ayurvedic doctor|Urologist|Nephrologist 22 Yrs. of Experience

Expertise in treating kidney diseases|Bussinessman|Motivator

What is AKRT?

AKRT is a revolutionary 10-day Ayurvedic treatment protocol that is capable of liberating you from dialysis and reducing elevated creatinine levels. It helps rejuvenate your kidneys and restore their functions.

Patient Image

Sunil Kumar



  • ✔️ His wife visited many hospitals in India
  • ✔️ Yet her creatinine increased from 2 to 5.5


  • ✔️Then He was admitted for 10 days
  • ✔️ After that today he is out of danger of dialysis


  • ✔️ There has been a lot of relief in his health problems
  • ✔️ Also his creatinine has started decreasing
  • ✔️ Thank you

What does AKRT include?

CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease)

Exclusive Ayurvedic Medicines

A combination of natural herbs and blends formulated to specifically target your kidney health.

Kidney Failure

Yoga & Pranayama

Breathing and yoga techniques to reduce stress, improve blood flow, and promote overall health.

Kidney Stone

Panchakarma Therapy

Ancient Ayurvedic cleansing procedures to remove toxins from the body and purify internal organs.

Kidney Stone

Naturopathy Treatments

Strengthening the immune system and promoting overall health using natural remedies.

Kidney Stone

Innovative Cell Regeneration Machine

Innovative technology to help regenerate and repair damaged kidney cells.

Kidney Stone

Research-Based Kidney Diet

Specially formulated diet plan to support your kidney health and improve function.

Kidney Stone

Kidney Regeneration Lifestyle Protocol

Daily routine and lifestyle changes to help you adopt healthy habits.

Kidney Stone

Yagna Chikitsa

Ancient Vedic fire rituals to cure diseases and promote overall health.

Kidney Stone

Mantra Chikitsa

Healing and rejuvenation using sound vibrations and powerful mantras.

Kidney Stone

Pranic Healing

An ancient art of healing diseases and promoting health through touch and energy transfer

Kidney Stone


A Chinese medical practice of balancing energy flow and relieving pain and illness by applying pressure to specific points on the body.

Kidney Stone

Exclusive Complete Body Scanning

Advanced diagnostic techniques to thoroughly evaluate damage in the body.

CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease)

10 Day Kidney Care with Ayurveda Training Program

Practical training to manage your kidney health and continue AKRT protocol at home.

Kidney Failure

Regular pathological and other tests

To monitor improvements in your kidney function and assess progress.

Patient Image

Runo Devi



  • ✔️ I was suffering from CKD
  • ✔️ Doctor suggested me for dialysis
  • ✔️ My creatinine was 6.26
  • ✔️ I got admitted to BK Arogyam


  • ✔️ After 10 days of treatment my creatinine came down
  • ✔️ I was very happy when my health is normal
  • ✔️ I had absolutely no hope whether I would survive or not


  • ✔️ When my health is normal and feeling better now
  • ✔️ I would like to thank BK Arogyam who gave me a normal life
  • ✔️ Thanks Bk Arogyam

Who Should Take Treatment For Kidney Disease

Individuals with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD):

Anyone diagnosed with CKD, a condition where kidney function declines over time, should seek treatment to prevent kidney failure.

Diabetic Patients:

Diabetes increases kidney disease risk. Diabetic individuals should have regular screenings and control blood sugar to prevent diabetic nephropathy.

Hypertensive Patients:

High blood pressure causes kidney damage. Treatment involves lifestyle changes and medications to control blood pressure and prevent disease progression.

Elderly Individuals:

Elderly individuals should monitor kidney function regularly and seek treatment to manage age-related decline and prevent complications.

Individuals with Autoimmune Diseases:

Autoimmune conditions like lupus nephritis and vasculitis inflame kidneys; treatment focuses on managing the condition to preserve kidney function.

Patients with a History of Kidney Stones or Infections:

People prone to kidney stones or infections should seek treatment to prevent complications, using lifestyle changes, medications, and preventive measures effectively.

About BK Arogyam And Research Pvt. Ltd.

BK Arogya & Research Pvt. Ltd.: Make Your Kidneys Healthy Again After 23 years of intensive research, BK Arogya & Research Pvt. Ltd. has come up with an amazing solution for kidney patients in India and around the world – Alternative Kidney Regeneration Treatment (AKRT)!

Why choose BK Arogya & Research Pvt. Ltd.?

23 years of experience and expertise

Thousands of successful treatment

Team of qualified and experienced doctors and therapists

Patient-centric approach

Safe and natural treatments

World-class facilities

Benefits of AKRT:

Freedom from dialysis

Reduction in creatinine levels

Improvement in kidney functions

Increased quality of life

Increased overall health

If you are suffering from kidney disease and want freedom from dialysis, contact BK Arogya & Research Pvt. Ltd. We can help you make your kidneys healthy again and improve your quality of life. Schedule an appointment today!

This treatment is available only at BK Arogya in the whole world because the copyright and monopoly of this special treatment and its protocol is only with BK Arogya, so if you want to regenerate your kidney then you can get this treatment by booking today itself.

The most important thing is that the cost of this entire protocol is more than 2 lakhs but it is made available to you at very low rates at just the cost price keeping in mind the health and life of the kidney patient.

kidney-img kidney-img
Patient Image

Swaminath Sahni



  • ✔️ my bp increased suddenly one day
  • ✔️ I know that my kidney is damaged
  • ✔️ Doctor advised me for dialysis


  • ✔️ My relatives saw me on youtube about BK Arogyam
  • ✔️ After one week of treatment, I feel much better
  • ✔️ Physical symptoms also relieved


  • ✔️ I have creatinine 2.5. The point has decreased
  • ✔️ Creatinine has stopped rising
  • ✔️ I just want to say that BK Arogyam saved my life.

Benefits of AKRT:

CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease)

Freedom from dialysis

Kidney Failure

Decreased creatinine levels

Kidney Stone

Improved kidney function

Kidney Stone

Increased quality of life

Kidney Stone

Lowered risk of kidney-related complications.

Kidney Stone

Increased overall health and wellbeing

Our Achievements and Awards

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Patient Image

Dilshad Ahmad



  • ✔️ I got my treatment done in Saudi and many other hospitals but not getting any relief
  • ✔️ My condition was very bad and creatinine had reached 11.8, looking at my condition


  • ✔️ I was immediately admitted and my treatment was started
  • ✔️ After seven days of treatment I am out of danger


  • ✔️ After seven days of treatment I am out of danger of dialysis
  • ✔️ Relieved of many problems and leading a normal life.
  • ✔️ Really appreciate to Bk Arogyam Doctors

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