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Wight loss treatment in ayurveda | Best ayurvedic doctor for obesity | Bk Arogyam

Ayurvedic Treatment for Obesity

Weight signifies more than just a figure on the scale. It's about achieving a healthy body composition and overall well-being. At BK Arogyam, we understand that weight management can be a challenge. However, Ayurveda offers a holistic approach to achieve a healthy weight and improve your quality of life.

Causes of Unhealthy Weight Gain:

Several factors can contribute to weight gain

Unbalanced Diet:

Consuming excess calories, unhealthy fats, sugars, and processed foods can lead to weight gain.

Lack of Exercise:

A sedentary lifestyle burns fewer calories, promoting fat storage.


Chronic stress disrupts hormones, leading to cravings and weight gain.

Improper Sleep:

Inadequate sleep can disrupt hormones that regulate appetite and metabolism.

Underlying Health Conditions:

Certain medical conditions can affect weight management.

The Health Risks of Obesity:

Excess weight puts you at risk for various health problems, including:

  • Heart Disease

  • Type 2 Diabetes

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Stroke

  • Joint Pain

  • Certain Cancers

  • Finding Your Healthy Weight:

    A healthy weight is not merely about appearance; it's crucial for overall well-being. While Body Mass Index (BMI) serves as a basic measure, Ayurvedic practitioners evaluate your body type (dosha) for a tailored approach.

    Ayurveda and Yoga: Your Route to Weight Management

    BK Arogyam's Ayurvedic approach goes beyond just weight loss. Our goal is to attain a healthy weight through sustainable and holistic methods. Here's how:

    Dietary Guidance


    Exercise and Yoga


    Stress Management


    Herbal Remedies


    Lifestyle Modifications


    Dietary Guidance

    "At BK Arogyam, we are your partners in achieving a healthy weight and a healthier you. With customized Ayurvedic strategies, shedding pounds evolves into a voyage of self-exploration and holistic health."

    Early Diagnosis Means Early Treatment!

    Are You Experiencing These Symptoms?

    Pain during defecation

    Pain during defecation

    Rectal bleeding

    Rectal bleeding



    Itching & swelling

    Itching & swelling

    Why Choose Ayurveda for Obesity Management?

    What special Ayurveda does in obesity treatment?


    Works on the root-cause

    Unlike other treatment approaches that prioritize immediate symptom relief, Ayurveda takes a holistic approach, aiming to address the underlying cause of your ailment. It begins by cleansing the body, promoting a more receptive environment for targeted therapies to effectively address the root cause of the disease. This focus on detoxification allows for a more sustainable path towards healing and well-being.


    More than just medicines

    In addition to medications, diet and lifestyle play crucial roles in enhancing the effectiveness of treatments and maintaining their benefits even after the medication course ends. Ayurveda places equal emphasis on optimizing diet and lifestyle choices to support overall well-being and treatment outcomes.


    Reduces future health risks

    As Ayurveda delves into the root causes of diseases, it significantly mitigates the risk of severe health complications stemming from untreated underlying issues. Patients who undergo complete Ayurvedic treatments experience a decreased likelihood of developing health complications later on.

    Obesity ? Live healthy with Ayurveda

    Understand how BK Arogyam helps you live a healthy & happy life

    Grade I

    Grade I

    (Up to 7 kgs Overweight) In this stage, Ayurvedic practitioners may prescribe herbal Lekhana medications. These gently stimulate the digestive system, aiding in the elimination of ama (toxins) and excess fat. This natural detoxification process helps to revitalize your metabolism, promoting healthy weight management and reducing the formation of new fat tissue. To further enhance these effects, yoga and bodyweight exercises are often recommended. This complementary approach supports the herbs' action and promotes overall well-being.
    Grade II

    Grade II

    Grade II Obesity (7-15 kg overweight) This stage focuses on cleansing and metabolism improvement. Special herbs (Lekhana) are used alongside other treatments. Panchakarma therapy, a deep detoxification process, may also be recommended to improve overall metabolism and support weight management.
    Grade III

    Grade III

    Grade III Obesity (over 15 kg overweight) This stage requires a more intensive approach. Specific Panchakarma therapies like invigorating powder massages (udvartana) and medicated enemas (basti) are used to cleanse the body more deeply. These therapies aim to eliminate toxins and improve circulation. A personalized diet plan that balances your calories is crucial, along with lifestyle changes to support weight management and overall health.

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    Share your Details

    Share your Details

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    Get a complete health Package

    Get a complete health Package

    Treatment Philosphy

    BK Arogyam's treatment philosophy focuses on holistic Ayurvedic therapies, natural remedies, personalized care, and lifestyle adjustments for comprehensive health and wellness.

    Personalized Treatment and Medicines

    Personalized Treatment

    Unique Ayurvedic solutions made just for you, based on a deep dive to find the root of your health concerns.

    End-To-End Relief Tracking

    Focus on Prevention

    Ayurveda prioritizes preventing illness through diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, and stress management, promoting holistic wellness.

    Diet & Lifestyle Plans Customized Just for You

    Diet & Lifestyle Plans Customized Just for You

    Personalized plans with diet, therapy, and lifestyle guidance, crafted by your doctor to work alongside herbal remedies for a complete approach to healing the root cause.

    Stories of Health
    & Healing

    Thousands have experienced
    relief after treatment at Bkarogyam

    Get long-term relief from your
    Cardio problems.


    Sunil Kumar

    Sunil Kumar is a resident of Bihar, his wife Sumanti Devi came to know about kidney problem in 2020. His wife visited many hospitals in India, yet her creatinine increased from 2 to 5.5. Then he thought of trying Ayurveda, then he came to know about BK Arogya through YouTube, and with this goal he came to BK Arogya located in Varanasi. When he came to BK Arogya, his condition was very bad, then He was admitted for 10 days, after that today he is out of danger of dialysis, there has been a lot of relief in his health problems and also his creatinine has started decreasing. thank you


    Runo Devi

    I am Runo Devi from Nepal, my age 43, and I was suffering from CKD and doctor suggest me for dialysis, when I got admitted to BK Arogyam, my creatinine was 6.26, after 10 days of treatment my creatinine came down, I was very happy when my health is normal and feeling better now and I continued my medicine. I had absolutely no hope whether I would survive or not. I would like to thank BK Arogyam who gave me a normal life.


    Maruna Khatoon

    My name is Maruna Khatoon and i am from nepal my creatinine was 3 and was taking allopath medicine from nepal after that my creatinine became 8 then i came to know about bk arogyam on internet. After 10 days treatment here my creatinine reduced Done and feeling better than before. I want to tell everyone that whoever has kidney problem should come to BK Arogyam, here very good treatment is done through Ayurvedic medicine. Thank you


    Jiya Uddin Ansari

    Hello, my name is Jiya Uddin Ansari, I am a resident of Latehar district, Jharkhand, I am suffering from ckd and my creatinine was 18, then my son told me about Bk arogyam, after coming here for 10 days, I got admitted, now my creatinine has reduced and dialysis is also stopped I am feeling much better now and going home I want to thank BK Arogyam who saved my life.

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